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Wooden Sculptures

These are hand carved wooden pieces from reclaimed driftwood collected from the Northern Coast of California. They are hand painted, varnished and embellished with fine hardware. 

WoodSculptures/nails.jpg WoodSculptures/star_mouth.jpg WoodSculptures/skull.jpg WoodSculptures/woo.jpg

               Stone Wire Wrap Jewelery Pendants

Wire Wrap on a variety of polished stone (including Morgan Hill, CA Native Stone- Poppy Jasper)

WireWraps/DSC_0371.JPG WireWraps/DSC_0218.JPG WireWraps/DSC_0349.JPG WireWraps/copper_silver.jpg
WireWraps/DSC_0211.JPG WireWraps/DSC_0207.JPG WireWraps/DSC_0203.JPG WireWraps/DSC_0217.JPG
WireWraps/DSC_0202.JPG WireWraps/copper_6.jpg WireWraps/poppycopper.jpg WireWraps/purp.jpg
WireWraps/red.jpg WireWraps/silver.jpg WireWraps/silver_11.jpg WireWraps/silvery.jpg
WireWraps/silvery2.jpg WireWraps/yellowpoppy.jpg WireWraps/copper8.jpg


Hand beaded, one-of-a-kind jewelry created with glass beads, real stones, and unique center pieces.

jewlery/neck9.jpg jewlery/neck7.jpg jewlery/neck6.jpg jewlery/neck3.jpg
jewlery/Brace1.jpg jewlery/neck2.jpg jewlery/brace2.jpg jewlery/neck1.jpg

Hand Painted Wooden Bangles 

These are completely unique from each other.They are individually hand painted,
wood burned, and sealed with a high gloss varnish.They vary in sizes and color scheme. 

*Photo is a representation of a large existing inventory

Keepsake Boxes
Colorful hand painted boxes featuring fun characters.Sealed in a high gloss for sublime shine and protection.

*Photo is a representation of a large existing inventory